Jun 4 2013 9:00AM, Tuesday

Session A1 Prize Session Chair: David Schultz, University of North Texas Room: 200A
Invited Speakers:  Markus Greiner,  Daniel Neumark 

Jun 4 2013 10:30AM, Tuesday

Session B1 Effect of Interactions in the Relaxation Dynamics and the Expansion of Ultracold Gases Chair: Maxim Olshanii, University of Massachusetts at Boston Room: 200A
Invited Speakers:  David Weiss,  Jean-Sebastien Caux,  Ulrich Schneider,  Fabian Heidrich-Meisner 

Session B2 Invited Session: Quantum Coherence with Rydberg atoms Chair: Thad Walker, University of Wisconsin Room: 200B
Invited Speakers:  J.D.D. Martin,  Alexei Ourjoumtsev,  Alex Kuzmich 

Session B3 Spinor BEC Chair: Michael Chapman, Georgia Institute of Technology Room: 202

Session B4 Applications of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Chair: Susanne Yelin, University of Connecticut Room: 204

Session B5 Invited Session: Atomic Collisions Underpinning Astrophysics Chair: Hossein Sadeghpour, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Room: 301
Invited Speakers:  Daniel Vrinceanu,  Stephen Klippenstein,  Charles Havener 

Session B6 Precision Measurements: Techniques and Applications Chair: Derek Kimball, California State University East Bay Room: 302

Session B7 Invited Session: Strong-field Ionization and Laser Control Chair: Thomas Weinacht, SUNY - Stony Brook Room: 303
Invited Speakers:  Amy Mullin,  Michael Spanner,  Henrik Stapelfeldt,  Andreas Becker 

Jun 4 2013 2:00PM, Tuesday

Session C1 Vortices in Bose Gases Chair: Brian Anderson, University of Arizona Room: 200A

Session C2 Focus Session: Searches for Permanent Electric Dipole Moments Chair: Larry Hunter, Amherst College Room: 200B
Invited Speakers:  B.E. Sauer,  David DeMille 

Session C3 Synthetic Spin-Orbit Coupling Chair: Peter Engels, Washington State University Room: 202

Session C4 Atomic and Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy Chair: Stephen Lundeen, Colorado State University Room: 204

Session C5 Trapped Ion Technology Chair: Chenglin Cao, University of Maryland Room: 301

Session C6 Ultracold Molecules II Chair: Colin Connolly, Harvard University Room: 302

Session C7 Focus Session: Strong Field Plasmonics and Control Chair: Uwe Thumm, Kansas State University Room: 303
Invited Speakers:  Mark Stockman,  Peter Hommelhoff 

Jun 4 2013 4:00PM, Tuesday

Session D1 Poster Session I (4:00 - 6:00PM) Room: 400A

Jun 5 2013 8:00AM, Wednesday

Session G1 Scale-Invariance in Two-Dimensional Quantum Gases Chair: Kaden Hazzard, University of Colorado Room: 200A
Invited Speakers:  Edward Taylor,  Thomas Schaefer 

Session G2 Invited Session: Precision Measurements in Ion Traps Chair: James Thompson, JILA Room: 200B
Invited Speakers:  Sven Sturm,  Stephan Schiller,  Edmund Myers 

Session G3 Strongly Interacting BECs Chair: Fei Zhou, University of British Columbia Room: 202

Session G4 Non-equilibrium Dynamics I Chair: David Weiss, Pennsylvania State University Room: 204

Session G5 Electron Collisions Chair: Oleg Zatsarinny, Drake University Room: 301

Session G6 Strong Field Processes I Chair: Wendell Hill, University of Maryland Room: 302

Session G7 Quantum Information Measurements & Techniques Chair: Brian Neyenhuis, University of Maryland Room: 303

Jun 5 2013 10:30AM, Wednesday

Session H1 Ultracold Atoms in the Presence of Artificial Magnetic and Spin-orbit Fields Chair: Han Pu, Rice University Room: 200A
Invited Speakers:  Carlos Sa de Melo,  Lawrence Cheuk 

Session H2 Invited Session: Quantum Control of Atoms and New Nanostructures Chair: Andre Bandrauk, University of Sherbrooke Room: 200B
Invited Speakers:  Ali Hatef,  Clement Sayrin,  H. Jeff Kimble 

Session H3 Rydberg Interactions and Spectroscopy Chair: Georg Raithel, University of Michigan Room: 202

Session H4 Precision Measurements and Tests of Fundamental Physics I Chair: Eric Hessels, York University Room: 204

Session H5 Focus Session: Applications of Atomic Collisions and Spectroscopy Chair: Morty Khakoo, California State University, Fullerton Room: 301
Invited Speakers:  Nobuyuki Nakamura,  Wilfried Noertershaeuser 

Session H6 Intense Field Filamentation and Acceleration Chair: See Leang Chin, Université Laval Room: 302

Session H7 Invited Session: DAMOP Thesis Prize Chair: David Hall, Amherst College Room: 303
Invited Speakers:  Yaroslav Dudin,  Stefanie Barz,  Karina Jimenez-Garcia,  Michael Foss-Feig 

Jun 5 2013 2:00PM, Wednesday

Session J1 Ultracold Plasmas and Strongly Interacting Rydberg Systems Chair: Scott Bergeson, Brigham Young University Room: 200A
Invited Speakers:  James Shaffer,  Patrick McQuillen 

Session J2 Exotic Phases Chair: Jonathan Simon, University of Chicago Room: 200B

Session J3 Ultracold Molecules I Chair: Robin Cote, University of Connecticut Room: 202

Session J4 Precision Measurements and Tests of Fundamental Physics II Chair: Tiku Majumder, Williams College Room: 204

Session J5 Invited Session: AMO Applications in Gaseous Electronics Chair: Tim Gay, University of Nebraska Room: 301
Invited Speakers:  Klaus Bartschat,  Hui Chen,  Laurence Campbell 

Session J6 Squeezing Chair: Frank Narducci, American Physical Society Room: 302

Session J7 Invited Session: XFEL Science Chair: Oliver Gessner, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Room: 303
Invited Speakers:  Robin Santra,  Markus Guehr,  Ernest Glover 

Jun 5 2013 4:00PM, Wednesday

Session K1 Poster Session II (4:00 - 6:00PM) Room: 400A

Session K3 PRA-PRL Author-Referee Tutorial Room: 205AB

Jun 5 2013 7:30PM, Wednesday

Session L1 Nobel Prize Lectures Chair: David Schultz, University of North Texas Room: 200C
Invited Speakers:  Serge Haroche,  David Wineland 

Jun 6 2013 8:00AM, Thursday

Session M1 Non-equilibrium Dynamics II Chair: Andrew Daley, University of Pittsburgh Room: 200A

Session M2 Invited Session: Hybrid Quantum Information Chair: Alex Kuzmich, Georgia Institute of Technology Room: 200B
Invited Speakers:  Dirk Englund,  Wenjamin Rosenfeld,  Philipp Treutlein 

Session M3 Dipolar Matter Chair: Florian Schreck, Innsbruck University Room: 202

Session M4 Atom Optics Chair: Mark Edwards, Georgia Southern University Room: 204

Session M5 Invited Session: Petascale Computing and Beyond: Applications and Opportunities for Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical Dynamics Chair: Phillip Stancil, University of Georgia Room: 301
Invited Speakers:  Connor Ballance,  Balakrishnan Naduvalath,  Michael Geller 

Session M6 Strong Field Processes II Chair: Andreas Becker, University of Colorado Room: 302

Session M7 Invited Session: Theoretical Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics - Current and Future Directions Chair: Svetlana Malinovskaya, Stevens Institute of Technology Room: 303
Invited Speakers:  Pierre Meystre,  Murray Holland,  Kenneth Schafer 

Jun 6 2013 10:30AM, Thursday

Session N1 Dynamics of Ultracold Few-Atom Systems Chair: Doerte Blume, Washington State University Room: 200A
Invited Speakers:  Selim Jochim,  Philip Johnson,  Xiaoling Cui,  Chris Greene 

Session N2 Optical Lattices Chair: Brian DeMarco, University of Illinois Room: 200B

Session N3 1D Quantum Gases Chair: Randy Hulet, Rice University Room: 202

Session N4 Ion-atom Collisions Chair: Charles Havener, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Room: 204

Session N5 Quantum Simulations and Dynamics Chair: James Freericks, Georgetown University Room: 301

Session N6 Quantum Cavities and Resonators Chair: Stephan Ritter, Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics Room: 302

Session N7 Focus Session: High Harmonic Generation Chair: Anthony Starace, University of Nebraska Room: 303
Invited Speakers:  Chii-Dong Lin,  Francois Legare 

Jun 6 2013 2:00PM, Thursday

Session P1 Ferromagnetism and Upper Branch Physics Chair: Edward Taylor, Ohio State University Room: 200A
Invited Speakers:  Hanns-Christoph Naegerl,  Shizhong Zhang 

Session P2 Focus Session: Quantum Information Processing with Ions Chair: Phil Richerme, University of Maryland Room: 200B
Invited Speakers:  Jungsang Kim,  Kenneth Brown 

Session P3 Cooling Methods for Molecules Chair: Phil Gould, University of Connecticut Room: 202

Session P4 Precision Measurements using Atom Interferometry Chair: Harold Metcalf, State University of New York - Stony Brook Room: 204

Session P5 Atom-Atom and Atom-Molecule Collisions Chair: Samantha Fonseca dos Santos, University of California, Davis Room: 301

Session P6 Probing Dynamics with XUV and X-rays Chair: Steve Southworth, Argonne National Laboratory Room: 302

Session P7 Collective Effects in Atom-light Interactions Chair: Jacob Sherson, University of Aarhus Room: 303

Jun 6 2013 4:00PM, Thursday

Session Q1 Poster Session III (4:00 - 6:00PM) Room: 400A

Jun 6 2013 4:30PM, Thursday

Session R1 DAMOP Business Meeting Room: 202

Jun 6 2013 7:00PM, Thursday

Session S1 Conference Banquet Room: 200ABC
Invited Speakers:  Germain Lamonde 

Jun 7 2013 8:00AM, Friday

Session T1 Quantum Magnetism and Frustration in AMO Systems Chair: Ana Maria Rey, JILA Room: 200A
Invited Speakers:  Alexey Gorshkov,  Brian Sawyer,  Sarang Gopalakrishnan 

Session T2 Invited Session: Attosecond Science - from Atoms to Molecules Chair: Brett Esry, Kansas State University Room: 200B
Invited Speakers:  F. Krausz,  Margaret Murnane,  Paul Corkum,  Stephen Leone 

Session T3 Fermi Gases and Imbalanced Fermi Gases Chair: David Weld, University of California, Santa Barbara Room: 202

Session T4 Opto-Mechanical Systems and Atom Optics Chair: Kevin Mitchell, University of California, Merced Room: 204

Session T5 Entanglement Chair: Daniel Stack, US Army Research Lab Room: 301

Session T6 Electron and Nuclear Spins for Quantum Information Chair: David LeSage, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Room: 302

Session T7 Focus Session: Advances in Atomic Clocks Chair: Ken O'Hara, Pennsylvania State University Room: 303
Invited Speakers:  Alan Madej,  Travis Nicholson 

Jun 7 2013 10:30AM, Friday

Session U1 Hot Topics Chair: Linda Young, Argonne National Laboratory Room: 200A
Invited Speakers:  Larry Hunter,  Vladan Vuletic,  Thierry Lahaye,  Florian Schreck 

Session U2 Laser Cooling and Optical Trapping Chair: Jacob Roberts, Colorado State University Room: 200B

Session U3 High Harmonic and Science Chair: Francois Legare, Centre Energie Materiaux Telecommunications Room: 202

Session U4 Spectroscopy Chair: Marianna Safronova, University of Delaware Room: 204

Session U5 Focus Session: Few and Many Body Dynamics in Collision Processes Chair: John Tanis, Western Michigan University Room: 301
Invited Speakers:  Aaron LaForge 

Session U6 Quantum Information and Communication Chair: Hermann Uys, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa Room: 302

Session U7 Few-body Physics Chair: Chris Greene, Purdue University Room: 303